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It's that Dreaded Time of Year Again

In the southwest, it's that dreaded time of year again. Wildfire season. This year, protect your health from symptoms of smoke exposure by following the New Mexico Department of Health's 5-3-1 visibility method.

Less than 5

If you can see less than five miles, air quality is poor for children, seniors, pregnant women and people with respiratory illnesses.

Less than 3

If you can see less than three miles, those at risk should remain indoors and others should avoid outdoor activities as much as possible.

Less than 1

If you can see less than one mile, stay inside unless an evacuation has been issued.

UNM also has this this handy tool to determine the current visibility in your area.

And remember, Pro Oxygen has a wide variety of services and products to help counteract negative health effects from wildfires, including an oxygen bar, portable (Boost) oxygen cans and hyperbaric sessions.

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