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Photographer explores 'Clean Air' Village & the Results are Stunning

Where is some of the cleanest air you could ever breathe? Svalbard. It's a Norwegian island archipelago in the Arctic complete with polar bears and frozen tundra. Last October, Anna Filipova, an environmental photographer who resides in Paris, explored Svalbard— one of the northernmost inhabited regions in the world, where atmospheric research is conducted.

According to her interview with CNN, sensors are so sensitive that breathing near them will actually alter their readings. Anna had to be quick in taking photos and her stunning results can be viewed here.

Of course, you don't have to travel all the way to Norway for clean, fresh air. At Pro Oxygen, we provide 92-95% pure oxygen in all of our products including our portable Boost Oxygen cans, oxygen bar and hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

#Airpollution #AtmosphericResearch

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